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Bar signs, build in tv. Lightbox with neon signage.

Neon signs are often associated with billboard lights that we see across the town often on large buildings. They are usually made to advertise hotels, bars, casinos and entertainment places. Neon signs are light-producing tubes that give shape to multi-coloured lines in which a word or group of words can be written or a graphic picture is illustrated. By designing the desired series of switching parts on and off, endless possibilities of changeable, lively light objects and images are created. Neon signs have proved to be eye catching and make a business stand out in a competitive environment. It attracts people to take a good look at what your establishment has to offer. It lets customer know that you are open, or a have a service to offer. Cost of neon signs are usually based on the size and number of neon characters. The larger the design, the larger letters and graphics.

custom made lightbox sign with cutout perspex letters

Light boxes

Outside iluminated lightbox sign printed in full colour on perspex

Light boxes or inner illuminated signs are made up of a aluminium box with fluorescent tubes inside with a perspex or Panoflex face which is opal so that the light shines through. Light boxes and illuminated signs are a great way to attract a customer’s eye and get your promotions and advertising noticed. Choose from a standard sized light box or have them made-to-measure for your specifications to achieve the best solution for your illuminated display. Light boxes are the perfect way to create striking, effective signage, that will ensure your company is visible in dark conditions.

Full outside  fascia sign boards, complete branding solutions


Led signs are suitable for long term interior and exterior illuminated signage and display applications. They run at 12v are a good alternative to neon and light boxes that have fluorescent tubes. Available in white, red, blue, green and colour changing RGB options. L.E.D’s are great for backlit signage, cut out letters and halo effects.

Window graphics

Opaque ‘etched effect’ self-adhesive vinyl is a low cost method of combining privacy, decorative effect and simple messaging and branding to glass windows and doors. It gives the appearance of a sand blasted effect. Large areas of glass should be marked with some sort of description to prevent accidental collision - but they also offer the opportunity for elegant and high-impact corporate and promotional messages. The way in which glass is marked can create not only visually stunning and eye-catching signage, it can also say much about your company and your business. Using the latest advanced films, the illusion of etched or frosted glass can be created at a fraction of the cost.

Contra vision is another form of window graphics and is also described as one-way vision or see-thru film. A full colour design is printed on one side, which is not visible from the other side – whilst providing a see-thru or tinted view from the opposite side.

Sign boards

Large outside Mall advertising sign boards

We design, manufacture and install a wide range of sign boards that can be made up of Chromadeck (galvanized steel) or perspex or ABS (thin plastic sheet) or Correx (plastic, cardboard like sheet). Sign boards can be made to any size you require. For our Chromedeck signs, we can manufacture a aluminium square tube frame if the sign board is going on a fence or poles. Site boards and Health & Safety Signs is a big part of our selection of Chromadeck signs. Health & Safety Signs are made to meet the specifications as listed by the site's Safety Officer or in many cases as per the standard prescribed by Law and the SABS.


The A-frame (or sometimes known as the sandwich board sign) is available in 600x1000mm made of Chromedek (galvanised steel), as double sided or single sided. A-frames can be used as advertising boards or sign boards such as shopfront sale notices, directional signage or even restaurant menu holders, etc. Sandwich Boards and A-Frame signs offer a quick and cost-effective way to attract customers to sales, events or new product promotions. We can manufacture them to be blackboards so that you can write your own daily messages on them.

Street pole ads

chromedek signs with aluminium frame mounted on a wall

Street Pole Ads deliver repetitive in your face exposure on high traffic volume routes nationally. These boards are usually made up from Correx (plastic, cardboard like sheet), and screen printed in high volume for maximum exposure for your up coming events. They are great to advertise your bands next gig or your nursery’s specials.

Mall advertising

We currently do advertising for malls which include posters for clip frames as well as special occasion, temporary advertising for events such as Christmas, Easter and Valentines day ect. We also supply directional and marking signage and large, billboard type signs.

Clip frames

Posters, photos and notices are easily and quickly inserted in the clip frames. This attractive, slim 26mm all aluminium clip frame is a very popular choice. The patented steel spring clip system ensures years of trouble-free operation. Sizes available are A0 - A4.

Safety signs

A symbolic safety sign consists of a geometric shape, a colour and a picture. An organised system of identifying industrial hazards by easily recognisable safety signs has been developed for South African conditions (for further details see SABS specification No. 1186).

Road signs

Regulatory signs are used to regulate the actions of road users. Regulatory signs may be used to indicate a regulation applicable in the interests of road safety, such as speed limit signs. Stop signs, yield signs, or traffic signals are used to optimise traffic flow conditions.

Warning signs are used to alert drivers to dangerous situations on or bordering the roadway. These signs indicate a need for additional care by road users, and may require a decrease in speed or other manoeuvres to ensure the safety of themselves, other road users, pedestrians or animals.

Guidance signs are provided to help navigate our increasingly complex and developing road network.

Chromedek - ABS - Correx

Chromadek - This is a metal alternative to aluminium. It is a galvanized sheet of steel that is normally 0.7mm thick. We are able to manufacture a 25mm, aluminium square tube frame if your sign is going on a fence or poles. The side used is white, while the other is the metal colour. Very hard-waring and heavy, it will outlast most other signage.

ABS plastic signs can be made up in 0.7mm or in 1.5mm thickness. They last longer than Correx but not as long as Chromedeck. They are ideal for permanent indoor signage or semi permanent outdoor signage.

Correx board is a twin walled extruded polypropylene material with flutes. It could be described as a "plastic cardboard" and it is widely used for street posters. It is treated to make it ink receptive and represents a very low cost option for both indoor and short term outdoor signs. (Outdoor durability in South African conditions for Correx boards is approximately 2 years before it starts becoming brittle from direct sunlight). It is one of the lightest in weight (Approximately 22 grams per A1 board) other than paper, and water-resistant substrates available.

Double sided aframe sign boards, perfect for outside your shop or restaurant